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Carolyn: First Impressions Volunteer

Carolyn Scott retired from Walmart bakery two years and wanted to work in the community to give back. She lives in the Highland Park neighborhood so she called us and talked to Tony Scott, our Volunteer Coordinator. With her previous experience as a telephone operator, she was a great fit for our First Impressions team. Carolyn serves as our receptionist each afternoon. 

She said, "You need something to get you up in the morning and get you out. I live in walking distance and I remembered when Boaz & Ruth opened. I understood they did a lot of good things in the community." 

Carolyn has a deep inspiration to work with individuals needing a second chance. Her nephew, a straight A student with a twin brother, was murdered while taking the trash out one evening at a friend's house. Carolyn's sister went to the jail to find out why the young man killed her son. She found out that he was a good kid who had never been in trouble but belonged to a family with a deep connection to a gang. Her sister, not wanting her son's death to be in vain, started working with young inmates. Her method of role playing to evoke empathy in the young men for the victims and families had a great impact. Carolyn is proud of the work her sister has done and her sister is thrilled Carolyn is volunteering at Boaz & Ruth.

"I try to be as kind as I can be. Some people just need a second chance. Everybody doesn't respond to life the same. As much as I can, I encourage the participants - sometimes they just need some small talk. I'm a person that likes to interact with people and Boaz & Ruth gives me the opportunity to do that."

Next time you are at Boaz & Ruth in the afternoon, stop by the office and meet Carolyn. She'll put a smile on your face!

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