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Participant, Roland Nutt, has been with Boaz & Ruth since March and has become an integral part of our community. When looking for a re-entry program, he was either declined or told there were no beds for 30 days. With nowhere to turn, his mother reached out to her Christian friends in Richmond, VA who knew about Boaz & Ruth. Boaz & Ruth gave him a place to live, a job and a community to come home to. 

He has flourished as a member of the Cathedral Construction team and often a B&R tour guide. He loves to tell his story about how Boaz & Ruth got him back up on his feet after being incarcerated for twelve years. 

When asked what do you love about Boaz & Ruth, he responded, "What don't I love? It is so family-oriented, open and loving. They don't care about your past, just who you are as an individual." He loves that he can be himself here and that it is a faith-based, not faith-forced program.  

He has plans to move back home to Mouth of Wilson, VA to start a produce stand to bring fruits and vegetables who do not have access to fresh produce. His work in the Highland Park Community Garden will certainly help him reach this goal. With many milestones already completed, Roland is on track to graduate this December. Stop by and say hello next time you come to Boaz & Ruth or better yet, come get a tour with Roland as your guide!

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