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Recently a 2005 Boaz & Ruth graduate, Michael Theodore Alexander, stopped by to let us know that he just landed a job with Layter Transportation. The smile on his face was just priceless. Mike's experience includes being part of the Boaz & Ruth Mountain Movers team so this is a great fit for him. When asked what about his experience at Boaz & Ruth helped prepare him, he said, "Everything". He sites his work at Boaz & Ruth as preparation for his ultimate goal - to start a nonprofit of his own to help youth in public housing. We are so proud of Mike and wish him great success!



At Boaz & Ruth we see restoration all around us. This election B&R Graduate Leader, Ray, voted for the first time since 1969. He's pictured here proudly holding his new voter ID card. With him is Priscilla Kasper, a Get Out the Vote volunteer who answered the call to provide transportation to his polling location in Varina. It turns out, by coincidence, Priscilla is the daughter of Boaz & Ruth Board Member, Annie Kasper! Join with us to celebrate Ray's voting rights restoration and the crazy cool way that our B&R family got to be a part of this special day.



Boaz & Ruth graduate, Tommy Cox, was recently featured on the Virginia Currents television program. Tommy was invited to share the great work he is doing through the Richmond chapter of Guardian Angels he co-founded with Boaz & Ruth Board Member Jo White. Tommy shares how he overcame many hurdles and is now using his gifts to make his neighborhood safer. Congratulations, Tommy! View the video here.



Here at Boaz & Ruth, program participants take ownership and pride in their successes, and Fred Lloyd is no exception. He says, “(Being at B&R has) helped build my confidence. Having the stigma of a felony can really diminish your confidence, but I have built confidence and drive. The attitude of I can versus I can’t,” Learn more about how Fred brightens the day of many at Boaz & Ruth here.



We welcome new participant, Debra Stanley to Boaz & Ruth. She has completed a big milestone and is moving into her own apartment for the first time in over 15 years! Pictured here she is receiving keys to her apartment from Ed Maynes, President of Atlantic Beacon Realty our Residential Management Company. Welcome and congratulations, Debra!




Michael Gordon, 2010 Graduate and 2011 Graduate Leader, currently has a job as Warehouse Supervisor for the Caritas furniture bank. He celebrated his first wedding anniversary in August.




2010 Graduate Rushdan Alwaalee has paid off his fines and applied to have voting rights restored. He is now self-employed as a painter. We congratulate Rushdan on all of these important milestones.




Darlene Bell, a 2006 graduate, served as graduate leader in Firehouse 15 before going to work full time for Selba’s Restaurant on Cary street.  We all remember her cheery greeting when she came to serve your table,  “Hello my name is Darlene Bell.”  Darlene has been in and out of the hospital and is now home at 1210 Highland View 23222. Prayers and cards are welcome.



Donna Scaturro is a proud new homeowner. Read the full story here.

Graduates Lindell Sykes and Lisa Burgo married each other this May. We wish them many happy years together!

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