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Joy Report - Spring, 2015
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Boaz and Ruth
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Megan Rollins Named CEO
Megan Rollins Named CEO

Megan Rollins has been named President/CEO of Boaz and Ruth. We welcome you to join her for a breakfast meet-and-greet Thurs., Sept. 19 at 8 a.m.

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Graduate & Participant News
Graduate & Participant News

From getting married to paying off fines, we share in each success celebrated by our graduates and participants. Learn more about the way these individuals are continuing to be change agents in Highland Park and beyond.

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In The News
Web Page: 8-6-13  Megan Rollins Named CEO of Boaz & Ruth
Richmond Times Dispatch
Web Page: 6-25-13  Today’s top opinion: More to do
Boaz & Ruth received notice as a nonprofit that runs several businesses in Highland Park that create jobs and serve as a force for good in their community. Boaz & Ruth lives up to the command implicit in its name that human beings care for one another.
Web Page: 6-21-13  IBM team advises better data management can curb Richmond’s poverty
The IBM group cited the work done by Boaz & Ruth, a nonprofit in the Highland Park neighborhood that runs several businesses, as an example of how an enterprise can create jobs, generate income and have a wide-ranging impact on a neighborhood.
Web Page: 6-20-13  Making city government smarter
The IBM group cited the work done by Boaz & Ruth, a non-profit in the Highland Park neighborhood that runs several businesses, as an example of how an enterprise can create jobs, generate income and have a wide-ranging impact on a neighborhood.
Web Page: 3-6-13  The JobRaising Challenge: Engagement, Opportunity and $1.5 Million for Jobs
Huffington Post, March 2, 2013
by Arianna Huffington
Boaz & Ruth lauded for working towards a common goal
.it/: 3-5-13  4th-Place Finish is Big Win for Nonprofit
Richmond BizSense, March 5, 2013
.th/: 2-21-13  Boaz & Ruth Blogs Published Nationally
Huffington Post
As part of the JobRaising Challenge, Boaz & Ruth had several blogs published on Huffington Post's website.
Web Page: 2-10-13  Boaz & Ruth Organization Lives up to its Name
Richmond Times Dispatch, February 10, 2013
Web Page: 2-2-13  Interim CEO Announced
Richmond Times Dispatch, February 2, 2013
Document: 1-8-13  Who is My Neighbor?
An article by Brian K. Blount, President and professor of New Testament at Union Presbyterian Seminary
Document: 12-8-12  Change Agents-- Martha and Randy Rollins
Heeding the Call to Action
Document: 12-8-12  Taking the Next Step
Boaz & Ruth CEO at the Finish Line
Richmond Magazine
Document: 3-27-12  Donnie Andrews of The Wire Visits B&R
Inspiration for "Wire" character finds hope in Richmond at B&R
March 27 2012 by Michael Paul Anderson
PDF: 10-2-11  Boaz & Ruth, Inc. Partners with VHDA to Provide Multifamily Housing
VHDA REACH Report, Fall 2011
Features Boaz & Ruth partnership with VHDA
Picture(s): renovated house at 3005 First Avenue
PDF: 4-1-09  For AmeriCorps Worker, Service is the Common Thread in Her Life and Future Plans
Jepson School of Leadership Studies website, April, 2009
Features Corrie Mixon, a Boaz & Ruth AmeriCorps volunteer and graduate of the University of Richmond
Picture(s): Corrie Mixon
PDF: 1-27-09  Bill to Restore Voting Rights Gains Ground
Style Weekly, January 27, 2009
Follows progress of this bill in the VA legislature that would affect many Boaz & Ruth apprentices and graduates
PDF: 1-21-09  Clouds over U.S. Cleared
Richmond Times Dispatch, January 21, 2009
Article by Michael Paul Williams that offers the thoughts of people who attended Boaz & Ruth's Inauguration party at Fire House 15
PDF: 1-20-09  Helping Live King's Legacy
Richmond Times Dispatch, January 20, 2009
Highlights volunteer efforts on MLK Day, including Boaz & Ruth's service and candlelight walk
Picture(s): Lloyd Price, candlelight walk
PDF: 7-1-08  Highland Park's New Vintage Boutique
Home Style, July 2008
Introduction to Sunny Days, Boaz & Ruth's elegant thrift business.
Picture(s): Sunny Days building
PDF: 6-21-08  University of Richmond Puts Advocacy into Action
University of Richmond newsletter, June 2008
The University of Richmond's Build It program partners with Boaz & Ruth and others to build affordable housing in Highland Park. Includes excerpts from UofR President Ed Ayers remarks at the dedication cerem
MS Word: 5-2-08  Boaz and Ruth Worker Commended
Oxford Observer, Spring 2008
Three DPW workers, Darrell Dobbin, Reginald Brown and Dale Mayo, were honored recently for looking after an Oxford resident while performing refuse collection in the neighborhood.
Picture(s): Darrell Dobbin, Reginald Brown,
MS Word: 3-3-08  Boaz and Ruth partners with the University of Richmond, 3/3/08
Boaz & Ruth partners with the University of Richmond to build affordable housing in Highland Park.
Picture(s): Geraldine and Kelvin Coley with volunteers
MS Word: 1-21-08  Boaz and Ruth helps build affordable housing in Highland Park
North Richmond News, 1/21/08
Boaz & Ruth partners with Habitat for Humanity and the University of Richmond to build affordable housing in Highland Park.
.asf: 9-4-06  All Things Considered
National Public Radio, 9/4/06
12-minute segment briefly discusses Civic Ventures Purpose Prize and includes interviews with Martha Rollins and Ruth Cosby, a graduate of Boaz & Ruth
.tif: 8-21-06  Making a Difference
The Wall Street Journal, 8/21/06
Features interviews with Martha Rollins and three other finalists for Civic Ventures Purpose Prize
Picture(s): Martha Rollins
.tif: 8-12-06  Personality: Martha Rollins
Richmond Free Press, 8/12/06
Interview with Martha Rollins that highlights her life and the beginnings of Boaz & Ruth
Picture(s): Martha Rollins
.tif: 8-1-06  Boaz & Ruth: Rebuilding Lives and Communities
Key Awareness, 8/1/06
Overview of Boaz & Ruth program
Picture(s): Staff and trainees in front of Harvest Store
.tif: 8-1-06  Harnessing the Power of Boaz & Ruth
For a Change, published by Initiatives for Change, Aug-Sept 06 London, U. K.
Concise overview of Boaz & Ruth program, includes interviews with several Richmond leaders
Picture(s): trainees, Martha Rollins
.tif: 6-26-06  Boaz & Ruth President Finalist for Innovation Award
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 6/26/06
Discusses the Purpose Prize award process and Martha Rollins contention as a finalist; includes a list of other finalists
Picture(s): Martha Rollins, trainees, Harvest Store
PDF: 3-21-06  Soul Sisters
Richmond Magazine, 3/1/06
Rosa Jiggetts and Martha Rollins traveled different paths before coming together to help the community through Boaz & Ruth, a faith-based nonprofit that offers second chances.
Picture(s): Martha Rollins, Rosa Jiggetts, trainees
PDF: 2-3-06  Building Bridges, Changing Hearts in this Race to Freedom
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/3/06
Highlights Beyond Dialogue, a Boaz & Ruth program that uses discussions about film to foster racial reconciliation
Picture(s): None
HTML: 10-24-05  Restoring Lives through Second Chances
City Edition, 10/24/05
In-depth article that tells the biblical story of Ruth and provides an overview of the Boaz & Ruth program
Picture(s): Martha Rollins, Lloyd Price, volunteers, trainees, Boaz & Ruth facilities
PDF: 7-1-05  Building a Minimall to Transform a Neighborhood and Save Lives
Alcoa Foundation, Summer 2005
Highlights the Firehouse Minimall project and Boaz & Ruths partnership with VCUs Nonprofit Enterprise Institute
Picture(s): Harvest Store, Giles House
HTML: 6-1-05  Group Looks at Ways to Ease Prisoner Re-Entry into Society
News & Views - Virginia Department of Social Services, 6/1/05
Discusses challenges facing released prisoners and the programs, like Boaz & Ruth, that are available to help them
Picture(s): Martha Rollins, Lloyd Price
JPG Image: 6-19-04  Celebrating a Day of Freedom
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 6/19/04
Provides an explanation of Juneteenth and an overview of the celebration at Boaz & Ruth
Picture(s): Juneteenth celebration
PDF: 4-3-04  Martha's Metaphor
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 4/3/04
Explains how the kitchen in Martha Rollins home symbolizes the philosophy of Boaz & Ruth
Picture(s): Martha Rollins; Rollins kitchen
HTML: 2-29-04  Job Training Graduates Set to Shine at Work
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/29/04
Briefly highlights the stories of Boaz & Ruths first four graduates
Picture(s): Veronica Kerns, Deborah Barnwell
PDF: 1-1-03  Idea Sown in Bible Blooms in Northside
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/1/03
Brief overview of philosophy of Boaz & Ruth
Picture(s): Lloyd Price, Rosa Jiggetts, Martha Rollins, Harvest Store
.ge/: 2-25-13  Boaz & Ruth: The JobRaising Challenge
WTVR's Virginia This Morning Show, February 25, 2013
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