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Restoring Lives and Communities Through Your Support.
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Joy Report - Spring, 2015
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Rebuilding Lives Through Relationships and Job Training

Revitalizing a Commercial Corridor in Highland Park

Connecting Lives and Communities Through Shared Experiences

History & Vision

Boaz and Ruth
3030 Meadowbridge Rd
P. O. Box 6129
Richmond Va 23222
804 329-4900

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Carolyn: First Impressions Volunteer
Carolyn: First Impressions Volunteer

Carolyn Scott is a committed volunteer helping with Boaz & Ruth's First Impressions team. Read about her story and what brought her to work with us.

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Group Volunteer Opportunities
Group Volunteer Opportunities

Boaz & Ruth Needs You!

Bring your church or community group and join the Boaz & Ruth community for a time of service and fellowship.  

Please click here for a complete list of volunteer opportunities - some are one-time needs, while others are ongoing. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Bea Robinson, our Director of First Impressions, at 329-4900 or


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Volunteer Your Time and Talents at Boaz & Ruth


There are so many efforts to make a difference that do not make us different. It is not the people who paint a house in a strange place but rather the people who make friends and are transformed who make the deeper difference over the long haul. Pilgrims return home as new people. Changed by their journeys, they change the world where they live.  

Reconciling All Things Emanuel Kantongole & Chris Rice 



Volunteers are making a difference in a number of ways.  Are you drawn to the mission and eager to get to work?  

Look at the possibilities for immediate connection and consider yourself called!

Fill out an Application Today!

Student Volunteers

Court Mandated Community Service

Community Members 

Join us and….

Answer the phone at our main office at the Harvest Thrift Store. Volunteers are needed various times during the business week, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Volunteer at the Harvest Store to assist with sales and customer service.  Help with arranging merchandise as it comes in, and with maintaining the store.

Share your knowledge!  Provide specific training to program participants in your area of expertise relating to construction, food service, retail sales, and/or professional moving.  

Be a champion bulk mail assistant! Do you love perfect corners and making lists? Use your eye for detail to help us spread the word about the good work of Boaz and Ruth. We send fundraising mailings twice a year, and other bulk mailings periodically. Help us stuff, stamp, and sort

Are you a Techie??   We have lots of people in our programs as well as people from the community that could use some help learning to manipulate the world wide web as they are learning computer skills and looking for employment. 

Your The Pro!! We are looking for skilled electricians, plumbers, contractors, tree excavating/trimming and painters for various repair work in our houses and office buildings.

Get your hands dirty in our community garden! This project is an ongoing project and lots of love is required. 

Share your professional experience. mentoring those who are attending our Jobs For Life program and helping them to learn more about work experience, interview skills, building a resume and holding professional conversations.


Donate furniture and home accessories and clothing and household items to our Harvest Store. All proceeds support our housing and jobs programs in Highland Park all donations are tax deductible.

Help with data entry so that we have statistics to apply for much-needed grant funding! This is not a glamorous job, but is very necessary!

Clean!!!  Not glamorous at all but we can always use a little help keeping the shine on everything

Assist with landscaping around the Boaz & Ruth campus, at our commercial buildings and our residences. We are also looking for a professional arborist to assess and probably trim trees in our community garden.

Volunteer at an estate sale.  Estate sales offer the opportunity for "gleanings" (items remaining at the end of the sale are donated to us).  Volunteers are needed to assist Trainees with pricing and selling, as well as boxing and transporting "gleanings" to our storage facility in Highland Park. This is a chance to get to know someone who will benefit from the program and to build inventory for the Boaz & Ruth stores

Other ways to connect:

Come on a Mission Trip to Highland Park.  Bring members of your church, family or other group to spend a weekend or a week working on projects in Highland Park.

Make a tax deductible financial donation to sponsor a Trainee or a bridge-building event.

Shop at Boaz & Ruth often.  Bring a friend!


Want more information? Contact Nikki at 804-329-4900 or




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