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Joy Report - Spring, 2015
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Boaz and Ruth
3030 Meadowbridge Rd
P. O. Box 6129
Richmond Va 23222
804 329-4900

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Boaz & Ruth's businesses are a mainstay in the Highland Park community. Anchored by the Harvest Thrift Store on Meadowbridge Rd., Boaz & Ruth is committed to serving residents of Highland Park and beyond.

These businesses (also called “life/labs) make a significant contribution to a renewed spirit of commercial enterprise in Highland Park, provide work training experience for program participants, and provide valuable earned revenue for B&R's operating budget. 

Before Boaz & Ruth opened in December 2002, over half of the buildings in the four-block Meadowbridge Road commercial corridor were empty, creating urban blight and fostering crime. Beginning with the purchase and reclamation of a run-down, non-productive property in the heart of Highland Park, B&R now anchors an entire block with renovated buildings including the main retail and training facility, two actively used outbuildings and three neighboring houses.  Significantly, this positive commercial presence has encouraged four other entrepreneurs to open businesses in the area, including a dollar store, nail salon, auto repair shop and cell phone store. 

Revitalization is also dependent on the partnership of the community.  Boaz & Ruth helped to found the Highland Park Retail Merchants Association at Six Points which provides opportunities for business owners to work together in revitalizing the commercial corridor. 

To encourage and support the economic progress of individuals in the community, B&R shares its facilities and training opportunities with North District residents. GED classes, computer training and computer lab use developed for B&R clients are available to the community, and the planned expansion of job placement services will also be offered to residents to help provide “a way out” of poverty and hopelessness. As one resident sees it, we are “a beautiful flower planted in the midst of crime and ugliness.” For our trainees and struggling neighbors, the reclamation of neglected properties is a powerful metaphor for the restoration of broken lives and depressed communities.

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