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Joy Report - Spring, 2015
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Connecting Through "Beyond Dialogue"

Connecting As Learning Partners

Connecting Through Discovering our Diamonds

Connecting Through Mission Trips to Highland Park

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Boaz and Ruth
3030 Meadowbridge Rd
P. O. Box 6129
Richmond Va 23222
804 329-4900

Discovering Diamonds Print this page
Discover the Diamond In You!

There once was farmer in South Africa who, disillusioned with his life, sold his farm and went out prospecting for diamonds.  One day the man who bought the discarded farm noticed large black rocks in one of its streams.  Taking one home and polishing it, he discovered the rock to be a beautiful diamond.  His discovery led to the opening of the richest diamond mine in South Africa - on the very farm seen as worthless by others! 


Discovering treasures, looking for solutions, finding diamonds in people and communities that others would discard - this approach is core to the mission of Boaz & Ruth.  Another core belief is that each of us is a diamond reflecting God's beauty and each of us needs polishing through the tumble of genuine relationships. 

We continually witness transformation in our trainees as they unofficially search for their own diamonds throughout our training program. The Discovering Diamonds Talent Search is our way of making an intentional focus on capacity and gifts within one of the poorest and most crime ridden neighborhoods of Richmond. Discovering Diamonds promotes individual and community pride, feelings of success, and a sense of safety that comes from gathering and participating in a shared positive group experience.

Each summer, at our monthly Connecting Across Richmond dinners, Boaz & Ruth looks for undiscovered diamonds on stage (singing, acting, dancing, instrumental talents).  Winners are chosen from two talent shows to compete for grand cash prizes at the finale.

This initiative not only impacts the Highland Park Community and the individuals who participate, it is a leadership learning opportunity for the Boaz & Ruth trainees who plan, organize and carry out the events under the tutelage of staff coaches.

The Diamond Song
Written by the trainees at Boaz & Ruth when they decided to focus on gifts rather than needs!
July 2003

Diamonds over here; Diamonds over there;
Diamonds are discovered everywhere,

Diamonds in the rough; Diamonds in the raw;
Polish your diamonds. Eliminate the flaw.

Diamonds are in you; Diamonds are in me;
We need each other to break our diamonds free.

We need each other to break our diamonds free

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