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Weekly Training Schedule

                                                          Boaz & Ruth Prisoner Reentry Training
                                                                       Weekly Schedule

Training Classes covering 5 training areas
(12 hours/week for four to eight 6-week segments)

      Life and Job Skills
      B&R classes and on-the-job training in B&R business ventures:
      computer literacy, organizational and time management, financial management (taught by New
      Visions New Ventures), health, communication, retail sales and management, furniture
      transportation, eBay sales, home restoration, entrepreneurial skills.

      Reconnecting With Self
      Developing emotional competencies, self- awareness, anger management, substance abuse counseling
      (TEAM Awareness Program on-site; referral to other agencies on recommendation of staff
      psychologist), core beliefs, setting and reaching personal goals and objectives

      Reconnecting With Family
      How to be a loving person, developing community through sharing our stories, healthy family,
      stable marriage

      Connecting With Community
      Planning and implementing community events, mentoring/learning partner project, community
      service, attending community forums, connecting across diversity

Leading Change in Community
(Post Graduate—Three to Six Months)

      Covey life training series, business ethics, negotiating skills, coaching and team development

“Life Laboratory” Work Experiences
(25-40 hours per week)

      Practicing cognitive lessons learned above in structured and safe B & R work enterprises: Retail Sales,
      Furniture Transportation, Repair, Refinishing, Food Service, Home Restoration, Upholstery, eBay sales

Practicing Relationships in the B&R “Family”
(5 hours per week)

      Maintaining the environment, planning events, holding peer review and councils

Connecting Across Richmond events
(average 3 hours per week)

      Crossing racial, economic, and religious lines to bring about better relationships

“After Hours” classes
(up to 6 hours per week)

      Computer, GED, Overcomers 12-Step program, VCU 2-day community classes, Richmond Technical
      Center, Literacy

Community Leadership Learning Events Outside B & R
(average 2 hours per week)

      Forums, Lectures, Speaker’s Bureau, etc.

Job Placement Assistance
(Begins last 4 weeks of training program and lasts until job is obtained)

Follow through after Graduation

      Use of computer lab, counseling services, connecting and networking opportunities