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Job Connection


Impacts People by connecting formerly incarcerated and disenfranchised people with jobs and housing, stepping stones to dignity and self-sufficiency.  Job Connection also supports sustained employment through transportation assistance, job coaching, support services and on-the-job intervention.

Impacts a Community by connecting people with jobs in a community where formerly there were no jobs.  Payroll dollars are then spent in local businesses, helping to revitalize a formerly abandoned commercial corridor.

Boaz & Ruth currently supports 30+ men and women in jobs with the Richmond Department of Public Works.  One of these men was recognized alongside team members for helping a woman in distress.  Read more...

Above left: Boaz & Ruth DPW workers begin their day at 5:00 AM.

Above right: Former Boaz & Ruth DPW worker Carl Robinson receives his first check as a full-time employee for the City of Richmond.  Carl is now a driver for the City with full benefits.