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The Real Ruth: A Woman of Courage and Hope
The Real Ruth: A Woman of Courage and Hope

Ruth came to Boaz & Ruth with little hope for the future. Years of anger and frustration had taken their toll. Ruth explains that although she was never actually incarcerated like most in the program, she truly lived in the prison of her own mind - A condition for her that was perhaps worse than any of the ways others could have imprisoned her.

Before coming to Boaz & Ruth, Ruth was desperate and had even contemplated taking her own life. While we rejoice with her that she never took such drastic action, we recognize that the "old Ruth" no longer lives. Her transformation into a healthy, optimistic mother to her daughter and friend to so many is truly a new life.

In reflecting upon her past, Ruth tells of many occasions when her anger and lack of self-esteem caused her to cut and run from jobs and relationships when they became difficult. Ruth was in constant flight, fleeing from one situation to another. Now she is the very one to roll up her sleeves and to offer solutions, working shoulder to shoulder with anyone willing to give it the effort.

Ruth has not only been able to transform her own life patterns and habits, she is also a leader at Boaz & Ruth, helping others to experience change for themselves. Perhaps the best evidence of her change into a leader is her current place in the organization. Ruth now manages the new store at 3rd and Main Streets in Richmond. Instead of pulling up shallow roots at the first sign of trouble, as she might have done in the past, she is now leading Boaz & Ruth as we plant a new seed for growth in our downtown community.