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Joy Report - Spring, 2015
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Rebuilding Lives Through Relationships and Job Training

Revitalizing a Commercial Corridor in Highland Park

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Anthony's Graduation Story

Anthony graduated the Jobs for Life Program in 2018.  As everyone does after they receive their diploma Anthony gave a speech.  His words touch us all so much we wanted to share with you what he had to say so that you can read for yourselves the impact that these programs are making in lives.  It is with all the continued support from our community these programs are empowered to continue, to grow and to help our friends like Anthony. 

I would like to thank God first and foremost for allowing me to be here today.  This is a great day for me to be a part of Jobs for Life.  I would like to also thank Paul, Butch and Ms. Jo White for all their help to get me to this point. I have learned a lot from Jobs for Life, skills that will be useful to me as I seek employment.

I have learned what to do in interviews and what not to do.  I learned how to handle the elevator interview, to get my feet in the door.  Things that I had paid little attention to such as posture, tone of voice, eye contact and not to answer questions that were not ask.

Sometimes I would tell myself why would they hire me, I am an ex this and an ex that.  Low self-esteem, lack of interest and not sure of myself. I had the skills and good work ethics, but not the ability to get to the door selling myself short.  Throwing in the towel before it started telling myself I can do the job but can I get the job. 

Well Jobs for Life has given me the tools I need to move some of the obstacles that were in my way, the big one being me.  I was my worst enemy.  My attire was good, manners good, but I lacked the confidence to get the job.  Today I am ready to take the challenges and go forth I know if I believe it I can achieve. 

In closing I would like to thank those who have given me and countless others the opportunity to move forward in life.


                               Jobs For Life Graduate 2018

                                 Employed Fulltime

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Rebuilding Lives and Communities Through Relationships, Jobs & Economic Revitalization Print this page

Planted in the center of Highland Park, in Richmond, Virginia, Boaz & Ruth advances a mission of  rebuilding lives and communities through relationships, training, transitional jobs, and economic revitalization. 

Three key strategies are:

Empowering the physically blighted commercial corridor of Highland Park by restoring buildings, operating social enterprises and providing jobs.

Rebuilding lives of men and women needing a second chance through relationships, transitional jobs and training. 

Connecting Highland Park neighbors and our program participants to the wider Richmond community through shared experiences that bridge racial, economic, and geographic barriers

A key foundation of our mission is collaborative partnerships with our neighbors in Highland Park, with the criminal justice system, with other nonprofits and government agencies, as well as with individuals and faith-based and academic communities. Our creative vision has received national recognition including an invitation to the White House for an event recognizing social entrepreneurs who pursue innovative solutions to serious social issues. 

Because Highland Park is in the center of 6 of the 7 census blocks with the most number of returning folks from prison and jail, we have developed a formal reentry program to help individuals rebalance their lives. When someone is released from prison, a decent job, a safe home and healthy relationships are hard to come by. Add to these challenges of re-entry the fact that individuals often return to communities weighed down by the very problems and issues that help spawn crime and it is easy to understand the vicious cycle of recidivism. It is difficult to sustain long-term individual change without changing the community as. Who better to be change agents for a community than community members themselves who may have contributed to the community challenges?  Men and women doing the hard work of personal change are changing the community around them. That's what makes Boaz & Ruth's program so unique.